Our Team

James Morris

Founder & CEO

James Morris is the founder the company who was based in Russia and moved to USA.

Hills Construction Inc is truly committed to providing clients with best project performance and management. This commitment, empowered in the company’s main values, escalated Hills Construction Inc from a small construction company to an industry-leading contractor for residential, commercial and industrial construction company. It all started many years ago when Hills Construction Inc got together with several experienced employees who all had great previous experience and started providing smaller projects, that turned into bigger projects, then bigger and today servicing multiple projects simultaneously across the USA.

We have a proven ability to deliver high quality construction in a coordinated manner. This is demonstrated through our finalised project experience and client referrals. In this regard, we have undertaken a wide variety of successful projects including renovations on Canal Street, Broadway Ave, Wall Street , Maiden Lane, to name just a few. We collaborate with architects, contractors, engineers, subcontractors, city staff, governments, and clients to help facilitate construction flow and mitigate delays. Preparation for the next step in the renovation process is always considered and delivered by our extensive experience.

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