About us

We Are What Our Clients Say

We believe nothing beats the word of a satisfied customer

Who We Are

We are the largest growing developers in Eastern Europe and have won several awards in the previous decade.

This we got to achieve by putting our clients first and our shareholders second. That way we have maintained successful growth.

Our History

Founded by James Morris In 2007 who is Swedish based and moved to Canada, we have grown out from his garage to an office in Oakville, Ontario, Canada.

The business has grown from just solar services to construction, achitecture and started trading publicly since Septemeber 2008.


We have grown owing to our great company culture, which puts the needs of our clients first & employees whilst satisfying our partners too.

Our Core Values


Our brand is by far the most intangible asset we own, but concurrently invaluable. It's what we have built towards the past decade and has helped keep our company afloat amidst several booms and busts that transpired throughout our years of operation.


Owing to the diversity of our app users' demographic, we devised a way to effectively target our promoters' ads to the required audience. As with any ad platform, analytics are everything. We pride our selves in giving detailed reports of our promotor's ad performance and insights.


Because good will is incalculably valuable, we value the truthfulness of our company and associates' interractions. This code applies to ensure that both our content users and creators are in harmony with each other, hence keeping us in the right light.